Traveling And Enjoying Spain

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Traveling And Enjoying Spain

Spain is a country which is located in the southwestern part of Europe on the so-called Pyrenean peninsula. Spain is the home of famous artists of all kind and it is a country rich in its history so let’s look deeper into their history. Here we will talk about the three major cities in Spain and they are: Barcelona, Cordoba and Madrid.
For people who have already visited Spain, these cities can bring some flashbacks. Barcelona is definitely one of the most popular destinations when it comes to Spain. This flourishing capital of Catalonia have all sorts of interesting monuments and places of interest which can be visited.

One of the most popular standing monuments in Barcelona is famous cathedral called “La Sagrada Familia”. This masterpiece is designed by an architect called Antonio Gaudi in the late 19th century. Works on this cathedral haven’t been finished.

You shouldn’t miss the famous beach called “Lloret de Mar”. This is one of the most interesting beaches in the world and one of the most famous ones. Aside from beaches, in Barcelona all sorts of football fans can find their interesting places. I am talking about the famous football stadium “Camp Nou” which is the stadium of famous football team “Barcelona”.

Next city on our list is Cordoba. This is wonderful and an interesting city which you shouldn’t miss if you were in Spain. The most popular part of it is definitely the Great Mosque of Cordoba from the 8th century. You will notice that Cordoba has very mixed cultures and very interesting architecture that combines Islamic and Gothic styles. Cordoba is the place where people lived side by side with many differences and still without any major disagreements. The spirit of Cordoba is very unique and the city flourishes itself in some form of medieval revival. Cordoba has interesting roots that lie in Roman architecture, which can be seen in the form of various ports or “portas”.

Our last city in Spain is ,of course, one of the most important cities – the capital city Madrid. This city is rich with artists and mostly guitar players.

Spain is the home of the guitar and famous style of play called Flamenco. Aside of that, in Madrid you can see the Royal Palace, where once the Spain’s royals have lived.

This palace is only partially open for visitors. This palace is now used mostly for ceremonial purposes. An interesting place is also Reina Sofia Museum which is the home of the works of Spain’s most famous artists like Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali. If you are a football fan, then you can check the Real Madrid’s stadium.

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Spain is a great country to visit. It is important that you learn how to enjoy the works of Gaudi, Dali, Picasso or even famous guitar composer called Tarrega. Spain is a country which is really culturally rich and once your feel that Spanish air in Catalonia or Andalusia, you will know that Spain is worth seeing and worth visiting again.

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